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I had a failure in my right front ABS cable last year that I finally got around to repairing recently. GM secured the cable (enclosed in split wire loom) to the lower control arm with clips but the clips were attached to the loom with electrical tape. The tape let go and the loom worn through after rubbing on the tire.

I'm not very impressed that the replacement cable (AC Delco PN 12177650) is the same for both left and right sides but appears to be specific for the left side. I had to reorient the clips because the clips are only meant to fit the left side. If you have a 4th-generation Camaro, check the ABS cables and secure them with zip ties.

Worn Right Side ABS Cable

Close-up of Worn Right Side ABS Cable

Left Side ABS Cable (Notice that only 1 piece of tape is still holding the cable)

Repaired Left Side ABS Cable
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