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Hey all - got a bit of an oddball question. I’m doing a bunch of stuff on the front suspension on my 67 so I figured I should replace the front flex hoses while I’m in there for good hygiene. Thing is, the hoses on there have a (banjo?) fitting on the caliper side similar to my second gen where all the replacement hoses I’m seeing have two female ends.
My car - sorry for not great pics:
View attachment 295951
Basically all the pics of replacement parts look like this:

View attachment 295952
Anyone familiar with what I got on my car at the moment? I wonder if it’s a common retrofit or something that’ll look familiar to people smarter than me.
Definitely not the stock hose. Are there any numbers on the caliper or the old hosel? My rear disc brakes have a similar not sure about size of fittings.
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