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Well, Wednesday I go to NPD in Ocala and am making a purchase of about $1700 worth of frontend parts for my '68. I posted the question on best parts and did searches on past forums and it seems that everybody has either had great or bad experiences with all the companies out there. (no company bashing, I know) Alot of you seem to have had good luck with NPD parts or atleast they seem to have no problem helping out if there was a problem, so I am going to give them a try. Their prices are pretty good so I hope their parts are to. I just wanted to make a note here to everyone for the past articles that I have received from this sight and the help with the questions I have posted. I have a '99 Trans-am Ram-air and have been in the LS1 seen for quite awhile now so the purchase and restoration (pro-street look) of my '68 Camaro is a big project for me. Knowledge being the biggest hindrence. Thanks again for the knowledge and in advance for the future questions....Wish me luck!!!!

1968 Camaro, 383 Stroker, 450hp @5400rpm, 3.73 10-bolt
Lots of body and interior work to do now and it's all
new to me, lots of advice to ask for, thanks in advance
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