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I have a small block in the car. If I have come to the conclusion that the springs in the front of my '68 camaro are either big block springs or racing springs, can I remove them and cut a coil off for proper height adjustment. Right now they are so high the upper control arm hits the frame when I go over a bump even at slow speeds. I have read other forums on removing a coil to cut but does that relate to a stock coil. Or is the best way to go just to remove all together and buy the Hotchkis springs that are 2" low? Thanks in advance.

1968 Camaro, 383 Stroker, 450hp @5400rpm, 3.73 10-bolt
Lots of body and interior work to do now and it's all
new to me, lots of advice to ask for, thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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