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I have a 68 coupe with a mild 350/th350 and am wanting to convert to EFI/overdrive. I am not looking for a 500hp monster (not that is a bad thing), just something that will get some respect on the street. I know that several of you on this board have done this and I need some advice. I am stuck trying to decide between a modern LT1/4l60e or using my current set up with a edelbrock pro-flo/200r4 system. I talked to the bowtieoverdrive company and they gave me some good info for going the 200r4 route, but it will cost about $1500 after everything is said and done and still put another $2000 into the edelbrock/holley mpfi system. I have a chance to buy an 95 impala ss eng/tranny for about $1500. I have an idea about the fuel system conversion and understand that I would have to convert the current lt1 harness or get a stand alone wiring system for it (have researched the conversion process). I would like any advice from anyone that has converted (to either one).

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