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Fuel line for 396 BB in 68 Camaro? Also, Fuel Tank...

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Not sure if this is the right forum for a fuel related question, but here it goes...

I will be converting my 68 camaro from a 307 small block to a mild 396 Big Block.I was wondering if you guys know if I will have to run the full 3/8" inch fuel line from front to rear for sure? Also the new 3/8" fuel tank sending unit line too?

Ive heard that an original 5/16" inch line could possibly starve that motor for fuel.

What do you guys think?

Another question I have is on replacing the fuel tank.
Since I already have the tank out of the car, and I am putting in a new it worth it to replace the old original fuel tank with a new one?

I took out the seding unit and it looks like the tank is pretty dirty inside with some possible rust...

Classic industries sells the Zinc plated repro gas tanks for $120. To have my tank cleaned out by a radiator shop, it would be around $70.

What do you guys think?:confused:
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I've always heard the 5/16ths is too small for a big block.I would replace the gas tank. have you seen the stainless steel tanks? I love mine and they are a little more money but worth it to me.$199.99 Dewayne
do the tank...nothing worse than coming outta the house to a garage in flames cause the gastank let go overnight, in your heated garage...just cheap insurance imo...
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