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i was working on my cousin's never ending (and always changing) 69 Camaro for the last couple of days, and figured i'd pass on a fitment issue when using a newer series 500 steering box. we had to ding his shiny and new ceramic coated Hooker Super Comp header that we had already fit around the stock PS box to make it clear the supposedly smaller newer style steering box. i had to make the two dimples that i already made 3 years ago bigger to clear the cover on the top of the box, and dimple another tube to clear the bolt that holds the cover on the input side of the box. and you can totally forget about using the fancy aluminum cover that comes with the box if you order it from CPP- it adds an extra 1/4" of interference issues. might work with a small block, but not a big block.
so, to summarize- big block, Super Comp header, 500 series box, "correct" Pakistani frame and India motor mount pads don't play nicely together compared to a stock PS box in a 69 Camaro.

this is the box in question:
hopefully the aggravation of the install will be worth it when the car is on the road..
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