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I found a good method to raise my 350 engine in my 68 Convertible to remove oil pan and change the gasket.

Since I have a lift, and the harmonic balancer is NOT accessible directly from the floor/bottom, I used -2- scissor jacks on each side of the center support. A flat 12"-15" 2x4 lays across the center support (under the balancer) and -2- 2x4 scraps on tops of the jacks. Take a few minutes, as you need to jack up one side and the the other bib by bit back and forth. Don't try and jack one side too much or the whole rigging will fall. See photo. View attachment 290341 View attachment 290341

Interesting. I am about to replace mine as well. Would jacking from the balancer cause any issues? Did you remove distributor?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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