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ok guys, need some help...

I just bought a 68 Camaro with HEI. It doesn't have the box, just the HEI distributor with the coil mounted inside the cap. It does not have a ballast resistor wire, but rather a solid wire running from the firewall block to the distributor (the first inch of the wire is bare though, with no insulation on it).

From the previous owner, the car has brand new plugs, wires, cap, coil and module. He replaced the cap, module and coil due to some backfire problems, which were cured. Apparently the problem turned out to be a bad coil.

The problem i have with the car now is it will run fine for a while, then the generator light comes on and it starts to run bad and will eventually stall. I can give it gas and keep it alive, but if i don't it stalls. It usually starts right up though and i can get going again.

Its an intermittent problem and it appears that if i wiggle the key in the ignition switch, the light goes off and car runs fine. Maybe its just my imagination, but could the problem be in the switch?

please help!
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