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I will be starting on my interior this week for my '68 and am looking for some advice. First off, what I will be doing:
-New Carpet
-New seats from Corbeu
-4 Point Harnesses
-Removing center Console and replacing the whole assembly with a simple automatic floor shifter, probobly a B&M

Now, what order should I do all this in?
Right now, I think the order would go something like this:
1) Remove all the stuff in there now (seats, shifter, carpet, seat belts).
2) Make measurements for all of the new components - seats, harness, shifter.
3)Make holes for these 3 components as needed in the floor.
4)Install the carpet, then the harness, followed by the seats and shifter.

Is that about right? If I messed up anywhere, please do tell me!


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It sounds like you have it under control but I'd like to throw in two quick ideas;

While the interior is apart, it may be a good time to have a new headliner installed. (pay to have it done)

On items like the seats that are held down with bolts, I like to make up studs from a section of all-thread (threaded rod). I put a fairly blunt point on them that sticks through the carpet. This makes installation a piece of cake due to not having to find the bolt holes through the carpet.

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Good question orench, I'd like to know too.

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