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getting "true" engine temp

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many people put the line from their temp gague in the hole on the drivers side head. however you are only readingbthe temp of that head or that side of the engine. i put mine in the water passage in front of the engine in the manifold. this way you can read true temperture of the engine as the water flows by. i believe the factory put the temp sending switch there. any opinions or comments?

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67 and prior locations were in the intake, like the way you have it. In 68 Chevy coverted all their sensor locations to the L. cyl head.
When the stat opens and the fluid is flowing I don't think either spot will read much different. If your warning light or factory guage is connected to the head, leave it and put your aftermarket in the manifold.

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I agree with Dennis. The temp should be similar in the intake return or the heads. I'd leave the sensor where it was originally installed.
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