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I posted this in another forum... maybe I should have posted it here??? Here's it is:

If anyone has any pics of an original 69 SS / 350 engine compartment it would be greatly appreciated. I need:

  1. Picture(s) showing the fuel lines from the fuel pump to the Carb.
  2. Picture(s) showing a factory correct spacer for the alternator.
I have an original car, but the carb was replaced at some point. The fuel pump was also replaced, but only with a single line. I recently picked up a correct carb and a dual line fuel pump, but don't have any reference as to how the lines go from carb to fuel pump. And the alternator just has a large bolt going through the bracket to the alternator... I know this can't be correct. I went to the parts store and they guys solke me a spacer and said "just cut it to the right length". A friend came over yesterday and said that he didn't think that would be correct. Since the car is a survivor and 98% original, I want to keep it that was as much as possible.

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