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I got a 350 motor to put in my 68 Camaro. It was recently redone but had some trash in the main bearings. I'm going to turn the crank and put in new bearings.

The crank was already 0.010 over and had some pretty deep groves. I was worried about whether or not they could turn it. When the motor was done, they put new pistons (Sealed Power H345). I was thinking that the new pistons had a different weight which would make it harder to swap in a new stock crank. The piston+rings+pin+rod+bearings weighed between 1438 and 1441 grams.

I have another 350 core (same block casting) that has everything stock. I pulled a couple pistons out and they weighed 1437 and 1439 grams.

So I feel like the replacement pistons are weight-matched to the stock pistons. This means that I should be able to swap in a different stock crank and not need to have it re-balanced. This assumes that I'm willing to accept the quality of balance I'd have in a stock engine (which I am).

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