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But this one is mine. Seems we all have slight differences in our set up and header selections.

The car: 68' Camaro, 327, PBM aluminum heads, stock motor mounts and power steering.

I learned a hard lesson about trying to use a Hedman 66003. Had I removed the gear box first to test fit I would have seen that the header they recommend for my application will not work. It hits the subframe and is too high for the exhaust to clear the cross member on the driver side. The passenger side is a thing of beauty.

So far, I've gotten 1 text a day basically saying the issue lies in the head. My argument is then why does my passenger side header line up so nicely? They have yet to respond to that.

From their own warranty manager, he said I should be installing a 66503. How the hell would I know to use a Nova header on my car. Camaro is not listed anywhere on the application.

So, is anyone running the same head as me? If so, what header did you use?
Rant over...........
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