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About to make an offer for a 1969 X77 car in need of restoration. I understand many factors make the price, but I have no idea what it is worth. Any ideas what price is fair from low to high?. Engine, 4-speed trans, rear-end and interior are all there. Currently backed into a small garage with 4 flat tires. Don't want to offer too low and don't want to over-pay as well. All comments greatly appreciated.
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Yes. Need more info to make a guess on value.

From the only picture the 1st thing I see is probably had major front end damage. The fenders fit terrible and the grill has been replaced. Minor buy Z28 emblem is installed in the wrong location.

Tags and numbers need to be verified as correct and REAL.

From there the way I determine a project's value is estimate the restored value and deduct the cost of labor and material to restore it. That leaves the approx. value. If it does not have the original engine or documentation it's harder to prove what it was. 69 Z 28's are the most faked cars in history.

No such thing as offering too low. Ask the seller what he wants for it. If he won't give you a number then walk.

If you can buy it right and do most of the work yourself it might be worthwhile. When you complete your estimate to restore double it and you'll be close.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts