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18"x10.5" wheels to fit
I recently bought some z06 wheels for my camaro. I bought fuzion 255/40/17 for the front 17X9.5 wheels and 265/35/18 for the rear 18X10.5 wheels. They fit fine with no mods and absolutely no rubbing. Problem is I hate the way the rears lean in. The tire just ain't big enough. I ordered Potenza s-02 295/35/18 and they look great on the rim. Problem is they rub the fender inside. We tried a 5/16" spacer and it only left me a 1/4" or so and the studs weren't long enough. Has anyone tried a 7/16" spacer with longer studs for this application and will they rub? Or am I gonna need someone to clear the fender well so they will fit (tubbed)? Can I raise the rear any with shocks?
This sux......
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