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I pulled a head off my 302 to try to make sense of the casting numbers and dates. I’m stumped.

Casting numbers don’t show up on any lists I can find anywhere.

Head #1 has a casting number of “388148” Date code H102, which would make it Aug/72

Head #2 has a casting number of 3981492 Date code W163 (1973). I don’t know what month a “W” would be

And no, it’s not a 399142.

Heads have the bigger 14mm spark plug hole. Sealing ring, not not tapered. I thought Chevrolet went to smaller plugs in 1970.

Heads have 202 intake valves and screw in studs. Chambers appear to be 64CC.

Over the counter heads?
Can anyone shed any light on this?

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The "492" head was used on the '73 Hi-Perf units, they replaced the "186" castings when the latters ran out! They had the provision cast in for the "heat-crossover" and used the conventional, "gasketed" 13/16" spark plugs!

In the mid '70's if you happen to need a new replacement head for a "186" casting, Chevy only offered the "492's" over the counter! This does not pertain to the "angle-plug" heads in my P.S. below!

Can't help with the date code on that "492" or the part number on your other head!

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. The "492's" could be gotten in one of two configurations, first is the one you have, and second (and only over the counter) with the "blank" heat-crossover and the "angle-plug" configuration. This particular casting was the predecessor for the "292 Turbo" heads. Way back when, we had a set of these angle plug "492's" ported in-house (with the heat passge) on a good friend's Vette, was an 11:1, 350" SB, and ran very low 10's at the time. Was in numerous magazines also back then,
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