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I'm considering Hooker Competition headers (1-5/8 inch) for my 69 350 4-speed. I had originally purchased Dynomax headers, but the #6 tube was way too close to the #6 spark plug. Others plugs were very marginal. I traded these for Hedman's...much more room around the plugs as promised, but, I had to remove the reverse lockout linkage, which I'm dissappointed about. Other than the exhaust system, the car is stock as a rock and I'd like to keep it that way.

Will the Hooker Competition (not Super Comps) allow clearance for the lockout linkage?...(which also actuates the reverse lights). I know I could "rig" something for the reverse lights, but would rather not.

If the Hookers won't allow the Lockout linkage, has anyone ever fabricated a pivot/bracket that mounts to the frame that doesn't interfere with headers? My guess is, if the Hookers clear the lockout linkage, I won't be able to use the stock clutch spring...can't have everything I suppose, but the the spring would be easier to re-route than to redesign lockout linkage.

Anyone with Hookers and a four-speed 350 69?

Suggestions welcome.

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Both my 73 Z-28 and my 71 Chevelle have had Hooker headers on them since they were a year old. I also learned real early to just twist the steering column base to turn the backup lights off. Comes sort of naturally after 30years of doing it. Hurst makes a switch that mounts on the shifter for the backup lights if you want to rewire them. I have been toying with the idea of making a cable type setup to replace the linkage, would sure make it nice.

Bill Koustenis
Advanced Automotive Machine
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1971 Chevelle "Heavy Chevy" original owner
1973 Z-28 family car...Brother bought it new in 73
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