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Has anyone ever done a homemade template on paper or cardboard for adjusting the aim on headlights? What distance should the car be from a guide? How high etc? I would think someone would have invented this in the past. Id like to know the best way to get them so they dont look like that old cowboy in John Wayne movies that looked two different ways at the same time. I can spot an eagle in a tree and a rabbit on the ground at the same time

Any ideas?

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I usually just pull up to a wall and mark a + at the center of each headlight on the wall. Then back up about twenty feet straight back. Adjust each light to aim just below and to the right of the center of the +. I don't know the exact amount, but at twenty feet back, an inch or two down and to the right should be close enough. As long as it isn't aiming above or to the left at all, then you shouldn't be blinding anyone, including owls in trees.

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