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Have 1969 clone Z-28 that has headers on the 350. Plug wires are dang close to the headers. None are burnt, but my fingers sure are..LOL..
Anyway, what kind of header wrap should I get to put on headers or should I just buy like a heavier wire like Accel 8.8 or Taylor wires for heat?

Took car out the other day after fighting with choke and ignition problems last year and cruised around the town the other day. Got some fuel and was about to head home and at the stoplight, she started running a little rough. Almost sounded like she wasn't firing on a cylinder. Kept the rpm's up and she ran ok. Did this for about half a mile or so. (Only 3 miles from town, almost home and she ran fine.)

Thought with the plug wires being unprotected from the header, it might start burning through and causing problems. Wires are the only thing I haven't replaced yet. Still have points ignition in it....

Plugs don't seem to have much room anyhow without wrap on header anyhow so how does that work? I have to wait until car is cold in order to pull boots on wires because they are so close.

What are your thoughts? Wrapped or unwrapped?
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