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I just rebult my heater box in my 69 with new seals inside and out, and put a new heater core in. Had to buy hoses and nipple fittings too. I was wondering if there's a valve somwhere that opens or closes coolant flow to the heater core. My heater wasn't even hooked up when I got the car, so I'm doing it from pictures and some other info I've found. I just want to make sure everything is O.K before plumb it on for the first time. I see where the supply hose comes from the water pump to the core then returns from the core into the manifold, but was wondering if the control if the thermo-resistor on top of the heater box controls something I can't see??? Just what does it control anyway? Does coolant constantly flow through the core whether the fan is on or not and independent of heater door position? That's the way it looks to me right now, but I want to be sure. Don't want coolant all over my new floor, and disassembling everything once was bad enough. I live in the mile high city, so need heat !

Shawn Peterson
1969 Z28, 406SB
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