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Hello all

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and be thankful that such an awesome resource exists.

I just took on a 68 Camaro from my parents who have been holding on to it for the last 25 years or so. The only problem is that nothing has really been done to it since, and unfortunately it's been out in the elements for a few years. Now, it's up to me to restore it back to how it used to look.

I've started a Picasa album that can be seen here. There's some rust on top, but the undercarriage is pretty clean. Nothing too special under the hood (I'm told the original 250 I6), and I've already started gutting the interior and getting rid of all the moldy, nasty stuff, saving what I can. (I'm not happy about the speaker holes in the door either!)

Anyway, hello again, and I'll probably be asking lots of questions down the road (and hopefully answering some too).

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