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New to the forum. About to begin the second restoration of our '67 RS convertible.

We are the second owners and have had the car since '87. It is somewhat unique and equipped as follows:
  • Red RS body w/white nose stripe.
  • White convertible top (manual movement).
  • 327/210 HP
  • Powerglide w/column shift.
  • Tuxedo black w/white interior.
  • Front seat is the bench bucket.
  • Pwr windows.
  • Power steering,.
  • Factory 4 season AC.
Will attach a few photos. Unfortunately do not have any recent ones.

Time to replace the floor pan and trunk pan. Ayone have any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this?
  • Bracing, etc.
  • Should the sub frames be removed?
  • Would you leave it on its tires to install the pan?
Just need some good advice before taking this on.

Glad to be here and hope to obtain some good information.



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