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I have a 78 camaro with a 350 roller cam, th350, 411 rear.
Car was painted about 11 years ago. Got it back from paint the day of 9/11/2001.
Was my mother's first car, sat on side of our garage for about 6 years after the original 305 finally gave out with over 200k miles. Then when I turned 14 I was told it would be my first car and could have for free if I wanted to fix it up. Been in love with it ever since.

Also have a 75 parts car that has been taking up space in garage. Have not been able to personally part with it. Its just a shell on a frame and sub frame. The dog house, any interior,etc, is completely gone. Still has a the dash which is pretty worthless and the wiring harness has been all hacked up. It used to be a drag car that had all kinds of bells and whistles. Guy said he even had it to where he could hookup his laptop to it and change settings on the car. But he kept all that fancy stuff.

For the longest time I drove my 78 with a plain stock 1976 350 and th350 from a donor camaro with the factory 273 gear that came on my 78 camaro.

About 3 years ago I saved up some money and wanted to buy a motor with a bit more power for my 78. Found a guy that had a 70 Chevelle with the 350 roller cam motor, th350 with manual valve body. I bought that setup from him for a grand and also found another old drag camaro that had a 411 rear on it.
Took the setup I bought from the Chevelle, dropped it in my 78 along with the 411 rear. The car went from nice to absolutely wild. From light to light the car is a missile but I cannot drive it on the X-way. I'm hitting 5grand going 60 mph.

I got to find a good how to on a 5speed manual with overdrive conversion into a old chevy. I refuse to give up my 411 rear, it is just way too much fun to be able to take off so fast. I figure with a five speed it should be X-way friendly and even more fun to drive.
Going to have to do the five speed the old school way with as many junkyard parts as possible. I really don't have a dime to drop in it but got plenty of parts to sell and trade. 1st thing I need to find is a decent forum posting with some how to and tips on doing a swap like this. Alien technology for a novice like me.
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