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Hi to all .I need some panels installed on my 69. full Floor, 2 lower quarter patch,full trunk, etc... please to anyone and all who reads this if you can help, please recomend as many local shops as poss. I want a good job but not show. I want a daily driver that looks great. Some of these shops out here are beyond rip off's. One quoted me 40K! I could buy a new crate body, go on a vacation for 3 months and still have enough left over to have a great paint job at that price. The 40k was not a total restore just quarters, full trunk and floor and paint and strip. I already took the car appart, just a rolling chasis, no motor, no interior, bare ! and want to do most of the work my self:sad: The only thing I want to leave to the pro's is the welding.Goodmark has a link for a installation center which posts their prices, which are realistic and fair but that shop is in Georgia which wont help me
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