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OK guys I need some help finding a set of spark plugs for my new engine. I have a set of Dart 215s and want to run some NGK plugs since they seem to be a pretty good plug and I can get them fairly cheap at NAPA.

According to Dart one of the plugs that fit is an AC #R44TS, this is the same as an NGK #BPR5FS according the chart on the NGK site.
Now the engine is going to make around 450 horsepower so I would like to try a plug one range colder than the stock. NGKs website tells what the numbers mean on their plugs, I THINK the plug I am looking for would be #BPR6FS. Can anyone tell me if this is a valid plug number and that its not for a lawnmower or anything like that?

Also, does anyone know a cross reference to the NAPA part number for either one of these? The sites not working for me tonight. or would the store have those old things they use to call "books", that tells them stuff thats not in the computer, that they would have NGK numbers in? :D
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