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I am looking to buy a 10 bolt rearend advertised online as an 8.5 10 bolt rearend.
I wouldl like to verify that it is infact an 8.5, and will fit a 1967 camaro.
The advertised measurement from backing plate to plate is 54,
the length from axle flange to axle flange is 59-60.

What can I check to verify that it is an 8.5? The case has the square corners at the bottom.
From what I have read, many articles say to remove the cover and inspect the ring gear bolts.
If the head of the bolt requires an 11/16-inch wrench (7/16-inch bolt diameter), then it’s an 8.5.
If the ring gear bolt requires only a 9/16-inch wrench (3/8-inch bolt diameter), then it’s an 8.2-inch
rear. Well the seller says the bolt diameter is 3/4-inch.

Any ideas?
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