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Is there a right and a wrong way to put Heads on? Is there a front and a back? I'm putting on new TrickFlow heads on a 350 and I just set the first one on and was insterting the bolts when I noticed the ends of the heads have different pattern holes tapped in them. I don't know that I'll have any accessories that need any of them but does it make a diference? I coated the head gasket good with copper spray on adhesiver and really don't want to pull it off if I don't have to. I called Trickflow but all I get is a recording. I'd appreciate any insite before I move on to the other head.

ARRGH, I just looked at the other head and realized it doesn't matter. The accessory holes apparently are different on the left and the right but it doesn't matter which one you put on which side. They'll come out the same anyway. NEVERMIND, whewh, thought I was gonna have a coronary.

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Hey man, I did the exact same thing about a month ago...I called trick flow and the guy thought I was a moron....Felt like a jerk after I relized...Its all good though.

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