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ok i just rebuilt the 327. left the bottom end alone since all was tight and compression was 175 in each cylinder. it has the 3890462 heads with 1.5 exhaust and 1.94 intake valves. I put in a summit cam with 204/214 duration at .050 and .420/.442 lift. stock 4 bbl intake and correct date coded 7027218 q-jet carb. It has 3.08 gears in back (from what I figured) and 26.5" tall tires. T-350 trans.
Here is the problem. It has no power. I mean it sucks!! My '88 mazda with 150000 miles that burns oil like crazy could smoke this car. I will not even come close to spinning the tires.
I'm baffled. Timing is set at 10 deg initial. vac advance new and works. Carb working ok. Accellerator pump working. 16 in vac at idle and goes up to 20-21 at 1200 rpm. Maybe the exhaust is plugged? I feel the exhaust coming out the tail pipes..
Did i put the cam in wrong? Vacuum readings tell me no..
Any ideas? I'm ready to throw in the towel and sell the car.
P.s. the car was originally a 2 bbl and was pretty sluggish then also.
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