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I posted this elsewhere but thought it might get more attention here if you all don't mind.

Thanks and great site.

Getting ready to start building up the good ole DZ302, and am trying to decide the best cam. The car is a 69Z, 4.10 gears, wide ratio trans, stock heads with a little port work, and all the other typical numbers matching parts.

I have spent some serious hours with a Desktop Dyno and find that the 30-30 cam actually shows better torque and usable horse numbers than the off road (140) cam. But Comp Cams makes a "nostalgia" cam that is an upgrade from the DZ cam that is on a tighter lobe sep angle with about 10- degrees less duration. Their tech guys state that it will idle about the same, but make a bunch more usable power and the Desktop Dyno shows that.

My goal is to get the motor to have the "stock appearing" idle and have the revving characteristics of the Stock motor but make a bunch more usable power. I'm also considering using a solid roller, but don't know quite how big I should go. Any suggestions???



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AK - we do mind double posts. First our server resources are being streched these days and every little bit helps... Set aside server power and it's still not very practical to post the same in different forums. Just as an example if I post the same question in several forums and get a couple different replies in each I have to have 3 different conversations to benefit from the advice given. Some is bound to be redundant and how would you feel if you just spent an hr pouring out an answer and then click to another forum only to see the issue was resolved 20 minutes before you wasted your time. In two minutes you could have popped in and replied "I agree" and added a littie twist and been on your way.

Really knowledgeable folks have passed through this site, a lot of them have stuck around but we see them posting less and less. the reasons are 1> example stated already and 2> same question being asked over and over, it gets old answering the same question over and over when it's there for the searching.

Back to double posting, the goals of this site are to save the good stuff and if the answers are in three differnt threads in 3 different forums the odds of the whole story being saved when moderators do clean up are slim...

I suggest to everyone to post where it fits the best, don't get ticked if the moderator moves it and if you think it's getting overlooked post in bench racing a quick "I need help in Engines" and put a link to the origional post to make it easy for folks to follow...

AK - sorry this is so long, this isn't just directed at you by the way. A lot of folks have been posting "I know this doesn belong here but..." and with summer about on us it needed to be said for all to hear.
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