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I have a 69 convertible Camaro, but its engine is an L79 motor (327 ci/350 hp) from a 68 Corvette. I posted the engine in the corvette orphan forum, but no one responded. It was not a sale posting. This is also not a sale posting. I am trying to get a value, so I can evaluate whether to post it for sale or just rebuild it and enjoy it.

Here are the details:

Partial VIN = 18S415780. I think the full VIN would be either 194378S415780 or 194687S415780.

This is a March 68 build motor.

Engine Code = V0325HT (March 25, HT = Vette)
Engine Block Casting - 3914678 (300 & 350 HP, 2 Bolt Main)
Cylinder Head Casting - 3917291 / C 19 8 (Mar. 19, 68) (means 2.02 intake 1.60 exhaust (late production) 63.305 cc)

I have purchased the PCV parts and air-cleaner parts from Paragon. I bought a 3919803 intake manifold from craigslist. The carb is crazy expensive for the vette (a one year carb), so I picked up a 7029202 Rochester carb from this site.

I just had the motor disassembled for a rebuild. Machine shop says everything is good for a rebuild to be bored .30 over.

My quandary is do I rebuild as a stock L79 with the machine shop and keep it in the Camaro (TH350 trans with 2.56 posi) or try to sell the motor as is and let a vette owner rebuild to his/her specifications?

To make that decision, I was looking for someone to try to tell me the value as is AND as rebuilt. My rebuild would involve parts from sealed power, eglin, federal, etc. Summit and Northern have kits. The heads would get worked and ported.

I saw an ebay post looking for $6500 for a rebuilt l79 motor, but not much else to pull comps. I could rebuild as a 350, but I figure a vette owner would rather get the 327 block and maybe save the pad stamp.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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