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I have a 1999 v6 5 speed camaro with 133,000 miles. Recently I noticed that when I punch the throttle or even during slow acceleration the car will hesitate or "catch" in a way, its like the throttle is cutting in and out or somthing...
The wierd part is that in nuetral it revs out perfectly fine engine runs smooth as silk, once in gear and slow acceleration it can be perfectly normal but once you punch the throttle it will do the hessitation untill you untill you let off the throttle. This happens in all 5 gears and at all rpms, its not as bad in first gear and somtimes it does not happen at all, I would say 1 out of every 10 times I drive it runs perfectly normal.

My dad scanned it at work and got the following codes:

P1272C APP sensor 1,3

P1275C APP Sensor Curcuit 1

I have also done the following: New fuel filter, the spark plugs and wires are fairly new, checked and cleaned air filter, and ran fuel injector cleaner through it various times.

So Im thinking throttle body sensor may be bad, clutch may not be engaging correctly? although it shifts fine and seems to work perfect..........or the Accelerator position sensor may be bad....

Everything in my accelerator is electronic no cables to the throttle body, the tps sensor is inside the Throttle body so to replace that is the whole unit, just thought I would ask and see if anyone had any ideas or knew of a problem similar to this?? thanks alot
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