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Hey mid-MO guys

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How 'bout a little get together now that we've thawed out? Put some faces with the names. I was thinking we could get together on a Sat. afternoon at Hooters or something. ;) Or we could meet at some point 'inbetween' Columbia and Jeff City like Woody's Pub in Ashland. I'll buy the first round of beverages. What do you think guys?

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Hi Mark,

Where's Hooter's at in Columbia?? Out on Clark Lane east??

Show's you how much this old man get's about, He, He!!!

I live in Montgomery City and would like to meet you guys some time. Right now I work Sat. but maybe could meet up some time this summer.
Sure keep in touch..

Mark, when is the 63-Diner having their next car show??


Hooters is on Clark behind that BP gas station. I haven't been there either. What does that say about us? The only reason I know it's there is because that BP is the only place I know of with 93 octane ;)

The diner has their show in the fall around the end of Sept. I went this past year and had a cheesburger. There weren't as many cars as usual.


We could have a BBQ at my house this summer, if you guys don't mind driving on gravel. I'm a bit off the beaten path. About 15 miles or so north of Columbia.


Let us know when you're in town some time.

67 Freak,

You live in Jeff city also, right?
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I'm in mid-Missouri if you're talking north to south. I'd be up for a drive to Columbia in another month or so.
C'mon over this way Dave. The more, the merrier.

Sign me up :D

I'm here all the time except every other weekend. I won't be driving the nova...4K+ rpms for 300 miles each way is no good. Just let me know when and where :thumbsup:
sounds good to me , and yes, i do live in jeff city. David
Sounds good guys. I'm off most weekends now since I got my new clinic job. March 17th is out though. My wife probably wouldn't appreciate me hanging out with a bunch of car guys on our anniversary. :D Any other Sat. would be fine though.

Yeah Travis, I can relate to the rpm thing. The old '4.10 drone' gets to me pretty quick on the highway. 300 miles would be out of the question!

David, did I meet you the other day? There was a guy talking to me about a 67 RS with a 377. Summit catalog at the drs. office ring a bell?

Let me know what would be a good day for everyone, and a good meeting place.

Mark, where do you live at? How far from Jeff City? My only concern is that when I am here on weekends I am on call, so I can't get too far away (30 minutes or so max). It is pretty rare for me to be called out on the weekend unless we have some nasty weather, but just in case...

I live a good 15 miles north of Columbia. We could all meet at that Woody's pub and grub in Ashland since that's a midway point. I don't know anything about the place other than it's right off 63 in Ashland. We're going to a birthday party there this weekend, so I'll scout the place out. Should be about a 20 minute drive or so for you, depending on what part of Jeff City your in.

Well, if your just 15 miles north of Columbia then that would work ok too. I was thinking you was down around Camdenton for some reason. Where ever you want to do this is fine with me.
I will be here this weekend, then in OK next weekend, and so on. I'll be here in MO the weekend of the 17th, but if you decide to do this instead of doing something for your wife on your anniversary, I don't think I want to be around there anyway :eek: Wifes act kinda funny when you do stuff like that ;)
How about the 31st? Winter should be done and gone by then...hopefully.
Yeah, wives are kinda funny about that anniversary stuff. ;)

The 31st sounds fine with me. Paul, David, how's that work for you guys?

as far as i know, I don't have any plans that day, so it should be good. Mark, I don't know if it was me, but it sure sounds like me. although I don't remember being to any doctors lately. I had my kid into an oral surgeon in Columbia a few weeks ago, where was this at? David

It was at the Woodrail Center in Columbia. His wife had a drs. appointment and he was sitting here in the waiting room and saw my Summit catalog. He said that was an unusual sight in a waiting room. I told him it was my 'wish book'. He was telling me he had a 67 RS with a 377 that would pull the front wheels. He said the thing would always try and turn while the wheels were up till they found out one of the axle tubes would twist in the housing. He welded the tubes and it went straight as an arrow. I saw the pic in your signature and thought you were the same guy. :D

O.k Paul, how's the 31st work for you? I could meet you at that gas station on Broadway again if you want. I might even be inclined to get my car out of the garage if the weather is nice that day.

My wife probably wouldn't appreciate me hanging out with a bunch of car guys on our anniversary. :D Any other Sat. would be fine though.

Hey, mine too. March 17, 1979. I asked if I could meet some camaro buddies that day. She said, "do whatever the f*** you want." I guess that means I can go.

"I guess that means I can go." That may be open for interpretation. You have to be female to fully understand what that means. :D

Mine's March 17th 1984. You got me by a few years.

I think we're going for March 31st.

Hey! count me in on this.But I'll have to check with the war department to see if she has anything going Travis I'll the one from Camdenton
mark, definitely wasn't me, my car always leaves straight:thumbsup:

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