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This was my fathers last purchase before he past on from a Terminal illness
I wish to get it fully functioning and atleast raise the value of it. It is a overall Solid car with allot of (Little things) that need to be done It was a project car my father just never had the time or power in his last year to make it happen and I know he wanted to!
So it would bring great joy to both me and my Mother to Have this thing purring like a kitten / Grumbling like a beast and not worry about if im gonna get a speeding ticket or going to redline and blow a gasket or better yet Run outta gas! LOL As my biggest problem Is the gauges/speedo

I got the Volt meter running but thats it. The preview owner said there was a fire and he told my father it was easy to hook back up. Iv have driven and ran it without dash Guages and it runs great (Needs new Plugs and a battier) I hAVE been swapping battiers from another v8 and its been a pain.

If anyone can help me out with sum advice one how to go about getting the guages working that would be great im no idiot I have done alternates,compressors,Starters,Clutchs,transmission I can most certainly tell if and what is wrong with a car most of the time iv orderd the GM 1981 wireing diagram factory book and have the haynes Manuel there is not much about the guages. I hooked up the Brown wire you see running thru the fire wall behind the washer motor To the Tac And that got my Battery Amp rate running. Now I dont thing that its supposto go to that clip where it says Tac on the disributor But Maybe on the Alternator or Disributor Battery Side Maybe Splicing it into the One it is beside right now. The only other cord I see if the Smaller Orage One Comming from Below the w washer moter and it is hooked up to the foot pedal . Then on the left Side
It looks like that where the Fire was With the Circular Connections And the Smaller Square one Looks like its for my Heater / Blower

DROPBOX link to Folder of picture i have of wires!!!!
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