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Hey guys,
I was wondering, how do you adjust
the floats an a Holley carb.
I unscrewed the side of the float bowl and gas was comming out at a pretty good rate.
I've seen other people do it, but I'd lie to try it 4 my self.

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on the top of the float bowls, you have a nut with a lock screw. loosen the lock screw enough that you can turn the nut, but not to loose that the screw comes out. adjust the float by turning the nut counter or clockwise, until the gas just trickles out of the site hole. try and make sure your car is on level ground. i always do this with the car running, so be careful, not to get fuel all over the place.

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Just to elaborate on what Bruce has already provided.

1> Place a rag under the site plug and below the bowl then remove the plug

2> Start the engine

3> Use the biggest screwdriver you can and just crack the screw (1/8 turn or less) and turn the nut 1 or 2 flats and then tighten the screw. (if it leaks you loosened the screw too much)

4> Crack the throttle once or twice to insure the bowl is full (absolutly necessary on vac secondaries)

5> Repete as necessary until the slightest bump of the fender causes a dribble.

6> Replace the site plug!!

Note: Turn the nut clock wise to lower the float level, counter clock wise to raise it.

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You might also want to get some new gaskets for the adjustment screws if they are difficult to seal when you tighten. Make sure there isn't any seepage when you're done!

Rick Dorion
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