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Here's my latest article on an install of a Holley TBI system on a nasty little 388" smallblock.

We selected it to test the capabilities of the TBI setup since it's making pretty decent HP with its Dart 215 cc heads and Bullet SR cam. The idea was to go through the *fun* of an install instead of just showing how everything falls out of the box and is instantly running in a couple of hours like most TV shows.. If you don't want to have need to take the time to do it right! But with some can find most anything you need...just might have to get creative. Like stereo stores, Tractor Supply etc!

The thing really does run incredible! Milder combos would do even better!

They had to shorten it up some here for space reasons..but you can get the idea and see the pics by scrolling though the top pictures.

Here's a little *test* video of the Vette too! Yes....listen close....that's going into 4th gear and the tires are still smoking 'till then! Play with the sound to smooth it out as's definitely NOT missing! The boy can shift!

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