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Iv searched under every thing I could and the only thing I find is this one quote.
I understand that the hood stamping is on the vertical portion of the hood that matches up with the cowl when the hood is closed
Off this thread,

I have 3 69 hoods as of right now, 2 cowls and 1 flatnose, I know one of the cowls is repo but not sure about the other and the flat nose is original. I plan on weighing the 2 cowls but a foreseen problem is the the repo cowl has been soda blasted and sealed. The other cowl that I hope is original has alot of paint on it so I'm thinking that weighing them may not be viable.

I am hopping some one has some info to visually help me ID these dudes if not just have a good post for future use.
The car in question is a # matching Z with lil paper work but that will be another post.
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