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Horn Malfunction

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Hi, I have been trying to figure out my issue with my horn assembly in the steering column. The only way for me to get it to work is to remove the pin that attaches to the spring and to replace with a metal substitute (nail). Unfortunate, this is causing a short (shocking/spark). I don’t understand if there is a ground issue? The harness is hooked up properly and the horn relay and horn works when the nail is present, otherwise no. Same length and everything.
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Yeah I understand. I didn’t have a draw
Until I rigged the horn. I hooked it up and pushed the horn button and actually got shocked. So something has to be wrong
I cant see 12 VDC giving a shock unless you touched it with your tongue. Most likely the shock was a fluke from built up static electicity and the car was grounding through you.
BTW if a nail is making contact then I would try cleaning the contact pin and grounding point with something mildly abrasive so all surfaces shine, and wipe with contact cleaner or alcohol before assembly. Over time contact surfaces can deteriorate and become resistive.
Any time contacts are opened / closed you get a certain amount of "arcing", the higher the amps the bigger the arc. so the sparks your describing might just be this?
For the life of me I cant understand how one gets shock from a 12v circuit. Guess I learned something new. Any time I got shocks it came from the ignition coil or spark plug wires. Perhaps some folks are just more sensitive than others?
This is what I know, voltage below 50 vdc is considered safe, and you shouldn't "feel" a shock from a mere 12 vdc. . If you could feel 12 volts DC you would have a hard time installing a battery. Your body has too high a resistance for 12v to draw significant amperage, and even if it could it takes a more than a milliamp to be noticed.
There must be some capacitance it that is building up a charge and zapping you. Some car audio amps will have capacitors that can hold a charge of 80V, If you have an audio system, maybe you could disconnect the power to it and see what happens?
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