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hot air choke on new manifold

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For Christmas, I got a new GM Performance part intake manifold (PN 10185063) (thanks to my employees)

I plan on keeping my original 1968 Quadrajet. The original cast iron manifold had a bimetallic coil that bolted on the manifold itself ( I believe this is a divorced choke)

The new manifold needs some kind of an intregal hot air choke. Does anyone have any part numbers or ideas of what will work?

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ec68, You can block them off if you are not going to use them. It will not hurt nothing. If you have the equipment you can make the block offs yourself. I use 1/8" flat stock works great.
call Edelbrock and get the adapter to hook up the hot air choke. they throw them in the box of every 2101 Performer manifold. hell, maybe someone here has one laying around they aren't using.
as for the egr holes, just go to your local parts store and grab a Mr gasket egr block off plate out of the cheap chrome section..
I will check with Edelbrock. I have already made up an EGR cover. If anyone has one of these hot air choke adapters, I would be willing to trade for it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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