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Has anyone tried these? I have been told I can remove my shakers and lose 60+ pounds.
I'm not sure bolting it to the firewall/fender bolt would give it that much more support.
I like the idea it is a bolt in and do not half to cut my car apart to gain a little rigidity

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Added on 22/09/2009

Here's a quick install video of our new Chassis Max Handle Bars for 1st Gen. (1967, 1968, 1969) Chevy Camaros.

Part # for this item is 20101.

For more info visit:


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i have a set of them. they do make the car stiffer. i cant say how much on thier own since i did my entire suspension at once.

i like them. you dont see them everywhere and i think they give the impression you drive the s**t out of your car. and i truely do so they are a good fit.
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