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Hi- I would like to apologize because I am not to sure where to post this.
Im trying to gather information on how I can tell if I am looking into a true 1968 SS. I would like to know the options that were required or came with the SS package-
the only ones i am aware of is:
the vented hood
multi-leaf springs (?)
front disck brakes (?) not sure if only on Big block or all SS's
the flat black tail-lamp panel
Also was there a black metal plate behind both rear wheels?

the rear end was changed, and a different engine was put in, so I can't verify if it is a true SS. Is there a way to know if it is a true SS by any other means, or is there a PH # chevrolet may have so I can get info on a true 68' SS
thanks for all your help

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The 68 SS will have the simulated vents in the hood. I also believe the hood springs are different but I'm not sure how.

Disk brakes were optional on the SS regardless of the engine.

The black tail panel thing is for a big block 69 model only I think.

The trim tag and vin# can help. Post them in the tag team forum.

The fuel lines (depending on size and number) and the speedo cable routing can also give some insight on the engine and transmission that came in the car.

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