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I know there is no way to know exactly how many there were. Is there any website with a registry? Were can I get registry figures? I am looking at buying this car and was told there were only two cars built with a BB and air cond. I find it very hard to believe out of the 3675 pace cars built that only two air conditiond+BB cars were built. Any guesses? Thanks guys.

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There must be at least two big block A/C pace car owners on this site alone.

I'm not one of them though.

Wild guess, 6% of all 69 Camaros were big blocks. 6% of 3675 is 220 cars.

21% of all 69 Camaros had A/C. 21% of 220 is 46 cars.

Probably less than that, but most likely more than 2.

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