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Team Camaro Showroom

  • Q. What is this showroom all about?
    A. The members personal showroom gives each member their own directory to store pictures in. They are SETUP AUTOMATICALLY when you joined as a Member

    You can add or remove images from an easy admin page. There are no size restrictions so large images can be uploaded and the program will automatically create the correct file size for display, including a thumbnail. Family pictures are also accepted. The only restriction (at this time) is do not upload pictures to be used as 'avatars' or items on ebay.

  • Q. Is there a limit on personal webspace?
    A. Members receive 5mb personal showroom storage. Gold receive double this. With the automatic re-sampling of images this will hold a LOT of photos.Most photo sites charge five or ten bucks or more a month and we are including this in your yearly membership dues.

  • Q. OK, how much is 5 megs?
    A. Well, this would hold 50-100 quality jpg photos or even more smaller ones. The dpi (dots per inch) make a big difference as the same file at 300dpi (for printing) could be several times larger than needed for display. So if your images are gobbling up space, check the dpi with your image program and save a copy at 72 dpi, which is all a monitor can display

  • Q. How do I know what pictures are in the showroom?
    A. Your personal directory will show a complete listing of all images you have uploaded. Just click on "My Photos" at the top left of the Showroom to access your account

  • I don't know how to resize my pictures smaller.
    Not a problem. Your personal showroom is not fussy about size, unless the image is really HUGE. Upload your photo and the program will handle it from there.

  • I can't access my showroom?
    You need to be logged in for the link to display. It should say "Welcome Yourname" on the top right. If it doesn't simply log in first

  • Q. How do I link to my showroom pictures in the Tech Forum?
    A.If you go to the photo you would like to link to near the bottom is a box that says:

    UBBCode: and then a long line of code to the right. - Look over a bit further and there is a buttom that says "Copy to Clipboard". Click that and then in the forums, just paste the address in a post. (Firefox browser does not currently show the Copy button) (Ctrl-V) or right click and choose paste. That's all!

  • Q. How do I upload a picture to the Showroom?
    A. From the Showroom Index (
    • click on "Upload Photos" at the top right of the screen
    • choose the best category - normally it will be "Member Showrooms" but you could choose to put the photo under whatever category you would like.

      Note: If you click "Upload Photos" from within the program, say you are viewing the 1968 photos, that will be the default category that comes up.
    • click on the "browse..." button. Find the file(s) you wish to upload from your computer, then click "Open" from the dialog box (the file will then appear in one of the blank white spaces).

      If you don't see the file, your browser may be trying to find HTML files, simply click that box and show 'All files" *.*
    • Enter a title for the photo
    • Enter a description for the photo
    • Click on "Upload/Submit" (grey button). Wait a moment until you see the "successful upload" message.
    • If you are uploading only one image, that's it. The photo should show on the next page and it's in your showroom.
    • If you upload more than one photo at a time, you will get a screen allowing you to put in comments and description as well as choosing OPTIONAL categories that you would like the photo to appear in. This does not cost you more webspace so you could have your photo appear in your own Members area, plus display under Racing. BE SURE AND CLICK SUBMIT ON PAGE TWO OR THE PHOTOS ARE IN LIMBO-LAND.
  • Make a mistake? No problem, just delete the file from your showroom and try again. The delete link is at the very bottom or your photo.

  • Q. How do I delete a file/image from my showroom?
    A. Click on the "My Photos" link (top left of the showroom page). All your showroom files will then appear. Click the photo you wish to remove and near the bottom of the page is a box [ ] Delete Photo? - check the box and hit submit. Note, if you have this photo in more than one category you will have to delete each copy.

  • Q. Any tips?
    A. Sure! Web servers hate spaces. Try not to upload your pictures with a name like 1967 in garage.jpg. Instead open your file manager, find the images you want to upload, right click on each and name them something like:1967-in-garage.jpg

    .jpg is the preferred format. .gif files are typically much larger and are not as good for full color images.

    .jpg, .jpeg, .gif files can be uploaded.
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