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A while back a few members were talking about brake problems on their 2000 and newer Impalas.

GM has a high performance front brake rotor available for these models and they will also fit the newer Camaros. Front only. They are not making them for the rear at this time.

These rotors are directional. Cost at around $90.00 @. Part numbers are:
Left - 89000529
Right - 89000530

Click on this link for a photo of a left front. The yellow tag in the picture is a temperature test strip to see how hot the rotors will get.
These test strips are from Performance Friction and don't come with the GM rotors.
We are testing these rotors now.

I didn't want to post this in the "Brake" section because of the search feature.

They should work real well for the street.

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Drew - before I move this to Brakes and Suspension can you explain what the search feature has to do with where the post is? Is something not working properly?

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