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I have a 69 Convertible Camaro with the stock center console and shifter. I also have a turbo 350 trans and will be installing a turbo 400 soon.
I have a hurst quarter stick shifter from a 88 Camaro that I sold.
My question is how can I install the hurst quarter stick in my 69 center console with out it looking bad?
Is there a mounting shift face plate for first gen Camaros?


It will fit without cutting or grinding on the console itself. I used a 4 speed plate and notched the lower part about a 1/4 inch for the shifter handle to clear in 1st. You can get around having to notch the plate but you have to grind on the plastic brace in the lower console for the shifter to slide forward. If you make your own plate you can mount the shifter without any cutting or grinding. If you use the four speed plate remember the opening is offset so measure carefully. Good luck.
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