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Robert there is a 22112 for sale on ebay right now. It's never been installed. I can't tell by the pictures if it's the heavy casting for sure, but it appears to be. Looks like the blueprint series pump uses a unique quad square drive shaft that moroso shows in their catalog using a nylon locking ring to hold it in place. I don't have any experience with Moroso's blueprint series, perhaps someone else using it will jump in and explain if it really uses a nylon locking ring to hold the square drive in the pump shaft.

I've done some more homework and I'll be going with the 10552 select myself. I like the 10% increase rather than a 25%. I'll also use the Z28 spring to pump the pressure up a bit in the 377.

Dave, other than trial and error, how would we know what the 10552 pump pressure would be with stock bearing clearance? I have never changed to the optional spring included and run just a tad under 60# hot at 2300 rpm. I am guesssing we just have to test ?
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