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For years now I have been using electrolysis to clean my coins I find while metal detecting, and after seeing all the hoorah about cars running on water, I have decided to build one for my 1994 Camaro.

I understand the process of making a hydrogen generator very well, but my lack of knowledge is on the Best way of delivering the hydrogen to my LT1. Also, adjustments that might need to be made to the cars computer for best performance. I understand the computer needs to be tricked into thinking the car is running rich and not lean.

You can follow the project here:

We plan to document the entire process with pictures and video for those who would like to build their own. It is said that this conversion not only increases MPG up to 45%, but also increase HP. I plan to test this by a video of my HydroMaro doing a 1/4 mile run before and after the conversion.

My question is has anyone tried building and installing a hydrogen generator in their vehicle? I'm not sure if the hydrogen will take issues with my aluminum heads? I read somewhere that hydrogen and aluminum don't get along well.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?
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