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I need a 14x7 standard steel wheels (suitable for hub caps) for 1969 Camaro with orginal disk brakes. Where to order and what is the correct order number?

I already have a lot of GM 14-inch rims, but they don't fit for 1969 Camaro with front disc brakes. I know that Wheel Vintages doing them, but they don´t respond to my e-mails and I don´t know what to order... bad customer service there.

Are there any other places to buy those wheels?


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i saw those but not sure how they fit , IF you get them , Mabye you could let us know.
would be much cheaper than the XT or IF coded wheels ...

a set of 4 of those will bring a grand.
a week or so ago there were 2 different ebay auctions for a pair of 69 XT 14x7s.
one pair was BUY IT NOW .. $ 1900 .00
one pair was $ 1000.00.

WAY over the top but , average is $250 a wheels.

theres always the chance you can find some at the swap meets if you get lucky.
I scored a PAIR of XT 14x7 s for $30.00 my score of the year ///LOL but it shows , THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE>


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