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I need help

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I'm doing a school project and I need to interview someone to complete it.

You will just need to answer a few of my questions about camaros. And bear with me, I don't know much
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post your questions.
Well... could you describe to me what exactly, torque is, uhh, the differences in the motors and as a muscle car owner what are your preferences for different things like motors, brakes, even the look of the car
is ne one in here a mechanic?

or anything more than a hobbiest?
I am also new to this forum, so hello. For a little about me, I have worked professionally as a mechanic from 1980 to around 1990 and I still own and tinker with my Camaro that I have owned since new. That being said, I will try to answer the questions as best I can. First, your questions are really broad, they do not ask anything specific other than the "torque" question. So, I will start there.
Torque in terms of automotive mechanics is a term used by some to determine power output from an engine that is usually multiplied by its rotational speed. (Look at Wikipedia). Next, although some call them “motors”, you are actually referring to “engines” (I was corrected myself for this...a long, long time ago). As far as muscle cars go, there are brands, i.e. Ford, Chevy, Dodge...etc. In each brand, there are engines that folks love. In my book, I really like a small block Chevrolet engine. Not because it has been proven to be the best, just that, it is a preference. I like small blocks, some like big blocks as far as Chevy owners go at least. Your next question refers to brakes. They are also preferences that are enjoyed and exploited by the owners of their automobiles (muscle car). For instance a lover of the “classic look” (vintage) will not want to modify anything on the car, just restore it to a factory condition...get the idea? A better way to approach this would be to first look at the autos in here and try asking the owners of the car questions like, "what made you use 17" wheels instead of stock rims and tires"…something like that. Good luck.

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