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Hey guys, I got an 84 camaro with the 2.8 V-6 And it has the E2SE carb on it.

On cold start-up , no problem high Idle goes to about 1100 rpm in Park and about 900rpm in gear.

As soon as it warms up It Idles at 600-650 in park and barely keeps running in gear, and often stalls. Of course if you keep slight pressure on the gas, it's fine, but kinda a pain in the butt to have to keep the throttle tickled just to keep it going.

Well broke out the tools and the manuals I have to do an adjustment on the idle, But I can find no Idle adjustment screw? When looking at the manual It says there is no adjustment and you have to take it in and have it electronicly adjusted?

So does anyone know how I can bump the idle up a couple 100 rpm without taking it in? Or does someone know why it might be idling slow? I already checked all the vacumn lines and elec. connections at the carb.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff. And by the way, Going to PINKS ALL OUT at
131 dragway Here In west Michigan! WOOO HOO! going to be a great day!

Might post some pics of some of the camaros i see there!
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